Vice-Chancellor's Message
The dream to make Tamil Nadu flourish in all sectors has been fulfilled by our Honourable Chief Minister with her untiring and ceaseless endeavour. The Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University is it brain child of Honourable Madam and everyone felt happy when the announcement came in 2004. I feel honoured to serve this University established for the cause of Physical Education and Sports in the research fields. So also it is a proud movement for those who work and or otherwise having association with the University in different capacities.
The students have been given with exposure in areas such as Physical Education, Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Psychology, Sports Sociology, Yoga, Sports Management, Coaching and Training and Sports Technology. The scope expands up to entrepreneurial development and one who aspires to undergo a programme in the University does provide an ample scope for employment in different sectors such as Schools, Colleges, Universities, Fitness Centers, Hospitals, Yoga Centers, Industries, Organisations, SAI Centers, Associations, Clubs, Social Organisations, IT Sectors etc.
The research and scientific contribution of the staff of this University continues to enrich the general field in physical education and sports and the specialized areas and enhance the hope of the aspirants to venture in to further research. The Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Clinics organized by this university provide an opportunity for professionals to update their knowledge and adopt the same resulting in the talent identification and promotion of efficiency among children.
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