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1 Relationship Between Aggression and Deviant Behavior in School Boys Sankaralingam, V & Samraj P Pages 67-71 Full Text | PDF (7.01 MB) | ANO:61201511 View / Open
2 Comparative Analysis of Facilities in Health and Fitness Clubs in Kanpur Lucknow and Allahabad Prem Kumar, S & Narendira Kumar Yadav Pages 55-59 Full Text | PDF (34.82 KB) | ANO:2120119 View / Open
3 Combined Effect of Plyometric and Resistance Training on Selected Explosive Ability of School Volleyball Players Palanisamy, A, Suganthi, J & Nageswaran, A S Pages 114-118 Full Text | PDF (30.3 KB) | ANO:12201021 View / Open
4 Effect of Ballistic Resistance Training on Selected Physical Fitness Variables Sivakumar, P and Kulothungan, P Pages 101-104 Full Text | PDF (39.55 KB) | ANO:31201218 View / Open
5 Effect of Aerobic Circuit Training on Selected Physical Fitness Components of Children Suresh Kumar, M and Alagesan, S Pages 62-67 Full Text | PDF (8 MB) | ANO:11201011 View / Open
6 Effect of Yogic Practices on Selected Physical Fitness and Physiological Variables Neethi, A and Chidambara Raja, S Pages 127-132 Full Text | PDF (7.32 MB) | ANO:22201122 View / Open
7 Isolated and Combined Effect of Swiss Ball and Medicine Ball Training on Selected Physical Fitness and Playing Ability in Tennis Players Thirumalaikumar, S and Baskaran, M Pages 83-92 Full Text | PDF (13.08 MB) | ANO:41201313 View / Open
8 Effect of Progressive Weight Training on Thigh Girth Abraham, George Pages 97-99 Full Text | PDF (25.96 KB) | ANO:12201018 View / Open
9 Efficacy of Varied Aerobic Training on Vital Capacity and Resting Heart Rate Among Obese Women Selvalakshmi, S & Mangayarkarasi, S Pages 151-157 Full Text | PDF (141.51 KB) | ANO:12201027 View / Open
10 Effect of Imagery Training on Anxiety and Penalty Stroke Performance of Hockey Players Kannadasan, K and Thirumalai Kumar, S. Pages 55-59 Full Text | PDF (6.11 MB) | ANO:3220129 View / Open
11 Effect of Specific Package of Training on Selected Biochemical Variables of Male Cricket Players Khabiruddin, SK & Samraj, P Pages 49-55 Full Text | PDF (7.71 MB) | ANO:6120158 View / Open
12 Effect of Yogasana on Thyroxine T4 and Thyroid Stimulting Hormone Tsh Among College Sportsmen Paul Jeeva Singh, J & Sudhan Paul Raj, R L Pages 72-77 Full Text | PDF (8.21 MB) | ANO:11201013 View / Open
13 Effects of Suryanamaskar and Physical Exercises on Muscular Endurance and Vital Capacity Among College Men Students Baskaran, P, Venkatesan, R and Anitha, J Pages 13-21 Full Text | PDF (11.62 MB) | ANO:4120133 View / Open
14 Effects of Aerobic Cross Training and Aerobic Training on Inspiratory and Expiratory Reserve Volume Degaleesan, P, Kulothugan, P and Kumarravel, P Pages 26-31 Full Text | PDF (61.59 KB) | ANO:3120126 View / Open
15 Effect of Yogic Practices With and Without Diet Modification on Selected Hematological Variables Among College Girls Suffering with Irregular Menstruation Geetha K & Elangovan, R Pages 45-52 Full Text | PDF (3.02 MB) | ANO:51220148 View / Open