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1 Combined Effect of Autogenic and Imagery Training on Agression and Sports Competition Anxiety among Men Volleyball Players Abhilash Solomon and Gopinathan, P Pages 40-44 Full Text | PDF (6.22 MB) | ANO:4220137 View / Open
2 Combined Effect of Plyometric and Resistance Training on Selected Explosive Ability of School Volleyball Players Palanisamy, A, Suganthi, J & Nageswaran, A S Pages 114-118 Full Text | PDF (30.3 KB) | ANO:12201021 View / Open
3 Analysis of Gender Differences in Selected Psychological Attributes and Personality Traits of Basketball Players Sheila Stephen Pages 90-94 Full Text | PDF (3.48 MB) | ANO:32201215 View / Open
4 Analysis of Selected Anthropometric Physical Fitness and Physiological Variables in Relation to Handball Performance Gopinathan, P & Grace Helina Pages 23-27 Full Text | PDF (2.13 MB) | ANO:1120104 View / Open
5 Effects of Modified Plyometric Depth Jumps With and Without Periodized Weight Training on Lower Extremity Power Among Basketball Players Sheila Stephen, and Ramraj Pages 95-100 Full Text | PDF (n/a) | ANO:32201216 View / Open
6 Effect of Varma Therapy and Yoga Therapy on Selected Physiological Variables of Type2 Diabetic Patients Ponnappan P and Elangovan, R Pages 25-30 Full Text | PDF (7.81 MB) | ANO:4220135 View / Open
7 Analysis of Selected Anthropometric Variables among Inter Collegiate Level Handball Players of Different Achievement Level Saravanan, K.P & Vaithianathan K Pages 94-100 Full Text | PDF (8.4 MB) | ANO:42201314 View / Open
8 Effects of Yogic Practices and Stretching Exercises of Heart Rate and Job Satisfaction among Information Technology Sector Men Baskaran, P, and Venkatesan, R Pages 16-23 Full Text | PDF (3.06 MB) | ANO:51220143 View / Open
9 Comparative Analysis of Facilities in Health and Fitness Clubs in Kanpur Lucknow and Allahabad Prem Kumar, S & Narendira Kumar Yadav Pages 55-59 Full Text | PDF (34.82 KB) | ANO:2120119 View / Open
10 Comparative Study on Personality Among Male and Female Tennis Players Lakshman Kumar, M and Shahin Ahmed Pages 112-115 Full Text | PDF (5.26 MB) | ANO:41201317 View / Open
11 Effect of Plyometric Training on Selected Physical Fitness Parameters Among Handball Players Gopinathan, P, Subramanian, R and Thirumalai Kumar, S Pages 70-76 Full Text | PDF (9.5 MB) | ANO:22201113 View / Open
12 Relationship Between Leg Length and First Step Length With 100 Meter Sprinting Performance Purushothaman, R & Rajinikumar, P Pages 71-76 Full Text | PDF (6.84 MB) | ANO:71201612 View / Open
13 Comparative Effects of Varied Frequencies of Yoga Training on Selected Physical Fitness Variables Vennila, A and Vijayalakshmi, M Pages 101-107 Full Text | PDF (n/a) | ANO:32201217 View / Open
14 Status Analysis and Intervention of Fitness Programme on Selected Psychological Variables Among Obese School Boys Rajinikumar, P Pages 91-100 Full Text | PDF (102.25 KB) | ANO:31201217 View / Open
15 Effect of Maximal Power Training on Power Parameters Among College Men Players Palanisamy, A & Dhanaraj, S Pages 1-4 Full Text | PDF (87.06 KB) | ANO:3120121 View / Open